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Travis Frederick's beard is worth a first round pick

IMG_2095IRVING, Texas - The first day of Dallas Cowboys' rookie mini-camp commenced on Friday, and here is what you need to know:

* Each rookie thinks he can start by Week 1.
* Each rookie is in awe of the chance to learn from Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, DeMarcus Ware, et all.
* Each rookie has a tremendous upside, but the speed of the NFL is much greater than college.
* The coaching staff is incredible.
* Each rookie impressed his respective position coach with knowledge that is far greater than his experience.
* It's a tremendous jump to play in the National Football League.
* This class is loaded with "steals" and "value picks".
* Each rookie just wants to do whatever it takes to help the team win because they are "team" guys.
* First round pick Travis Frederick's beard is better in real life, and is worth of a top 10 pick.

Look at that thing ... it's amazing.  

Frederick can play center, and his beard will play right guard.

The Cowboys' first round pick out of the University of Wisconsin may be a complete bust, but that beard is headed for Canton and the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

He said that all o-linemen at the University of Wisconsin try to grow beards, and his obviously took. He said it's been growing for the last 10 months. The beard looks like it has its own cell phone.

"I cut it off a little bit and it started back," he said. "I'm attached to it."

He said babies are often scared of it, but "women obviously love it."

And men are in awe of it.

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If he's a bust, he has a shot at appearing on Duck Dynasty with that thing.

beard boy

His beard is epic. I love him. Let's hope he is the real deal.

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