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Video: Galloway & Big Mac don't miss Josh Hamilton




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Burgermeister Meisterburger

Another outstanding episode in the can. Excellent as always.

And Josh Hamilton is getting what he deserves. Karma's a b---h.


Josh Hamilton is a bigger joke than the hat on your head. He's getting what he deserves. Another over paid athlete that isn't worth the free shoes he gets.

life alert

What's up with Randy's jewlery??? And is that a hospital bracelet he is wearing? Did he recently get checked out at Med Check or something? And what's that ring on his right hand? Did he win a Super Bowl or something...

Gary Goethe

Like the hat, Mac. Now all you need is a foot-long cigar to go with it. And Randy, that bracelet was really happening when I was in middle school--40 years ago. Now as for Josh--I agree. I appreciate everything positive he did here, but I'm glad he's gone. He struck me as a guy who was going to show his age quickly. Right now, I'm not sure he'll out of his funk for at least a year or more.

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