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What a shock - SMU coach linked to Brooklyn Nets job

10868272-largeA rumor that began back in December is now beginning to grow legs because this is what happens when you hire Larry Brown.

The head coach of the SMU basketball team is reportedly a target to replace P.J. Carleismo as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, whose season ended on Saturday night in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Nets announced that it will be looking for another new head coach. writer and long time NBA inside man David Aldridge Tweeted, "Obvious Nets short list: Jeff/Stan Van Gundy, Larry Brown. Will ask Phil (Jackson), though PJ wants (Pat) Riley deal--control of franchise, not coaching it."

I will be shocked if Brown leaves SMU, but not because he doesn't want to. Brown, 72, may be a great teacher who can win at the college level, but he is an NBA coach who has a penchant of leaving all the time. 

The timing of these reports should come as a suprise to absolutely no one. This was always going to happen when SMU surprised everyone last year by hiring a lifer NBA coach who last worked in the college game in 1987.

This rumor began back in December when the Nets fired Avery Johnson. Rumors such as this are always going to exist with Larry Brown because they are just so believable.

The timing is also a bit odd in that it was reported Brown recently sold his Philadelphia home and actually relocated to Dallas. He recently landed SMU's best recruiting class, led by its first McDonald's All-American signee. The school is re-modeling its home arena, Moody Coliseum. The centerpiece to all of this is Brown.

But we're talking about Larry Brown, who it would appear grows restless waiting for the microwave to heat popcorn.

0420_Larry_Brown_SMU_630x420Brown last coached in the NBA in the 2010-'11 season when he was with the Charlotte Bobcats. He has coached 11 different NBA/ABA franchises that began back in 1972. He actually coached the New Jersey Nets in 1981 for two seasons.

The Nets giving his agent a call makes sense. Brown wins. He is from the New York area. It would certainly make the rivalry between the Nets and the New York Knicks interesting; Brown coached the Knicks in the 2005-'06 season that can at best be described as a "total bleeping disaster".

Brown would be dumb not to be interested in the Nets. They have a good roster and are in a position to win.

He could take the Nets for two years and then retire for the 19th time.

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