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Why Tyson Chandler should have been paid

Dwight-HowardThe Dallas Mavericks are weeks into their offseason, and now part of the water-cooler discussion of possibly landing Los Angeles Lakers free agent center Dwight Howard.

Sounds great. Hope it happens. Dwight's going to have to take $30 million less to leave the Lakers, but who knows? Right now he is stepping away from basketball and trying to figure out the "right to be happy" ... whatever the hell that means. 

Plan on this - an additional $30 mil that he can get only from the Lakers is going to make him more happy.

From the Things I Can't Let Go Files: All the Mavs had to do was pay Tyson Chandler the four-year, $58 million deal two years ago and let everyone else other than Dirk Nowitzki go.

Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, DeShawn Stevenson, J.J. Barea all could have fallen off the books and while their absence would have been felt it's nothing like losing a competent 7-footer. These guys are impossible to find, and some take forever to develop.

Chandler may never be a scorer - the man has zero offensive game - what he does defensively remains a giant hole the Mavs have never come close to replacing since he left.

Tyson-Chandler-Nick-Collison-Thunder-MavericksChandler is currently getting his fanny kicked by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert in the Eastern Conference semifinals, and is calling out teammate Carmelo Anthony in the process. Even if the Knicks lose, and they will, and Chandler continues to get worked by Hibbert, he will, it does not diminish just how badly the Mavs miss him in the middle of the floor.

He was an All-Star for the Knicks last season and was named the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year. Yes, it helped he played in the East and in the New York market. He was recently named to second-team on the NBA's all-defensive team.

Two guards and small forwards come and go, but athletic big-men who can guard the rim, help on switches and provide as much positive denfensive energy and leadership such as Chandler are hard to find.

It took Chandler about nine years in the NBA before he fully developed into a major player. He is 30, and should be in this window for a few more seasons. 

The Mavs could have two of those, but elected for financial flexibility instead. 

If that flexibility can't lure Howard, what was the point? 


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one ring

mav's blew it with chandler. he is too much money but he is a great guy and complimented dirk perfectly. i like cuban but he blew it.

Doug Olson

Your read my mind.

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