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With The Nelson leaving Irving does Tiger return?

Tiger-woods-shirtless-boatNow that Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan are no longer with us, Tiger Woods no longer has any reason to come to Texas to fake his way through a couple of tournaments he never wanted to play.

The most celebrated/interesting golfer in the world hasn't played one of the four major PGA tournaments in Texas - San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth or Irving - since he missed the cut at the EDS Byron Nelson tournament in May of 2005.

Mr. Nelson died in September of 2006, and the tournament that bears his name has not been the same since. The same thing happened to Colonial after Ben Hogan died.

Perhaps Tiger will return to The Nelson now that the tournament has officially announced it will leave for the Trinity Forest Golf Course, beginning in 2019.

(Above is a picture of a lactating-Tiger relaxing on a yacht with his new GF, Linday Vonn.)

By the time Trinity Forest hosts its first PGA event, Tiger will be 43. Maybe his attitude about playing in the great state a Texas will have softened. Maybe. Possibly.

Tiger may behave like a boorish, bullying rear-end, but he does make golf more interesting. He is simply impossible not to watch.

By the time he is 43 he could have just about every major PGA record that ever existed, and more money than he could set fire to, so the the drive to play the Nelson again is a long shot.

But since he is not coming to San Antonio, Houston or Fort Worth, the new location for the Nelson may be Texas' only chance to see Tiger again.

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Did it ever cross your mind that the reason Tiger won't play in Texas is because of all the nasty coverage he gets from self-serving sportwriters like you? Thanks to folks like you, the state's businesses are deprived of economic dollars that a Tiger Woods appearance would bring.

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