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Big Mac movie review: World War Z a taut zombie flick

ImagesFans of the Max Brooks' novel "World War Z" can expect a decent translation to the big screen in the Brad Pitt $14 trillion movie adaptation that has finally opened with all of the fear it being another Ishtar flop.

It's not. But this is not your classic zombie movie, even though it contains many of the genre's famous elements. This is more of a panic movie - think 28 Days later on a much wider scale.

The following is an attempt for a studio to use my critique in an promotional advertising spot: "The Big Mac Blog says World War Z is guaranteed zombie summer fun and a must see movie!"

The story: Pitt plays a father of two/husband who is an ex-U.N. something or other with lots of experiences in third world crisis. Or something like that. He's a wise, everyman who is thrust into a terrible situation when the zombies hit downtown Philadelphia, and then take over the world.

His mission is to figure out where the zombies started, to survive, and to find a cure. Can he do it??!!! 

The people: This is Pitt's movie and nearly everyone else in it are peripheral players caught up in the sheer madness that is zombie nation. Actress Daniella Kertesz plays an Israeli soldier who is quietely effective.

Pitt is Pitt - he's good playing himself; quiet, reserved and always calm in the face of utter chaos. I'd follow him safe in the knowledge he will lead me out of a certain zombie death.

World-war-z-brad-pitt-1Action scenes: Tons. But this is not a gore zombie movie. Pretty much from the opening scene to the end there is ample quality zombie action. In between the hell of a zombie party are taut, suspenseful scenes where you are never sure who is going to get it next. The scene in Jerusalem is outsanding.

Eye candy: Pitt - even as a heterosexual male it's hard not to look at Brad Pitt and think, "My God, that's a mighty handsome man."

The zombies: These are not the undead from The Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead. This brand of zombie is fast, a bit resourceful and has no problem stepping all over each other to find fresh meat.

Should you see it: Yes, yes, yes. Just don't expect a horror movie but more of a taut thriller with plenty of quality scares and thrills.


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I didn't just love it; I LOVED IT! ZOMBIES AND BRAD PITT!!!! 2 of my biggest loves! I never saw this coming together but it did and it was a magical celluloid cocktail. GO SEE IT NOW!


Not the best movie in the world but easy to watch. As zombie movies go it's not too good but as big budget summer pop-corn flicks go it's worth seeing.

Jim Merritt

Some of the 3 D scenes (on TV) look more fake than some of the old video games that I used to play. I have not seen the previews of ANY movie that I would waste my money on to go see. HE!! I do not think that I will even watch them when they are released to TV channels.


Sucked. They threw a ton of money at an old and beloved genre. Zombies movies need very little outside a lot of imagination and actors/directors/producers that have a sincere passion. World War Z is a great book but the movie is a total failure.

john chimpo

I've seen it 3 times. The 3-D is almost worth the extra cash. The movie rocks. If you zombie movies you'll love this one.

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