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Bob Stoops is wrong, but he's right

Bob-stoops-net-worthThe NCAA is run by a pack of frauds who sell amateurism yet exploit the labor they try so hard to protect, and college football and men's basketball coaches are often not too far behind.

Because the NCAA sells equality, yet the inequality they sponsor is rampant.

Take, for example, former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt. He knew he wasn't going to play, so he asked to transfer. Okie State coach Mike Gundy, who don't forget is a man, said Lunt was free to leave. He just couldn't transfer to a Big 12 school. Or a Pac 12 school. Or an SEC school. Or, and I love this one, Central Michigan. And Southern Miss, too.

Anywhere else, Lunt is free to attend.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops said he supports Gundy's handling of this because, hey, coaches don't like to bag on other coaches. No need to upset a $ystem that provides them a great standard of living. Speaking to a group of boosters in Plano this week, Bob defended his brother in arms and molder of young men.

MikegundyStoops told reporters there: "I strongly emphasize that I am totally in agreement with Mike Gundy and all these other guys, because all situations are different. You're gonna leave me in a bind? Well, you committed to me to be here."

Paging Dennis Franchione! Paging Dennis Franchione.

If a college coach with a lifetime, 10-year contract wants to leave after two years? Well, that's different.

Should Wes Lunt be free to go wherever he chooses? Ideally, yes. It makes sense why Lunt, who after starting five times as a freshman realized he was not going to play this year, wanted to leave Oklahoma State. He wants to play.

The fear, of course, is that people with bad intentions will interfere and hunt down and recruit kids to transfer all the time. An 18-year-old living away from home for the first time who isn't playing usually is going to think about transferring; that scenario is compounded when someone is in his ear recruiting him to bolt.

A player being forced to sit out one full year is usually enough of a deterrent to re-think the decision to leave. 

What Gundy did was needlessly over the top; he eliminated 37 colleges for Lunt to potentially attend.

There must be some protections in place to prevent glorified college free agency, but there has to be a way for Lunt to leave and still be able to play at a decent destination of choice.

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