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Chris Paul was NEVER coming to the Mavericks

Doc_200_allstarThe Dallas Mavericks' half-court heave of signing free agent guard Chris Paul has unofficially ended as the Los Angeles Clippers have landed head coach Doc Rivers. Rivers goes from Boston to L.A. in return for a first-round pick.

The Clippers' chances of retaining Paul were always great because they can offer him $30 million more than any other team. Now he has a coach he likes, too.

This is just another reminder what a bone head play it is to bank on signing the biggest free agents if your team is not located to a really cool, giant body of water. Landing Paul as a free agent was only a chance in hell for the Mavericks - big-time NBA free agents NEVER leave for Middle Earth. Ever.

First it was Deron Williams (Atlanic Ocean, Hudson River), then it was Chris Paul (Pacific Ocean) and now that leaves Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (Pacific Ocean) on their to-do list. 

Let's just be real clear - D12 is not coming to the Mavericks.

Neither was Deron Williams.
The same for Paul.

But the Mavs' powder is dry.

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cotton mouth

Think (pray) Kevin Love. Give him anything he wants. Sign Love and the Mavericks are back in the thick of things.


Mac, you have such brilliant insight.

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