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Dallas Stars are waiting for Dave Tippett but bet on someone else

DavetippettDallas Stars GM Jill Nill is taking his time to replace Glen Gulutzan as his new head coach, partly because there is no rush, he doesn't want to screw it up, and he is hoping that Dave Tippett may take his call.

The former Dallas Stars head coach and current bench boss of the Phoenix Coyotes is going to soon be without a contract. The Coyotes obviously want him back, but he is seriously considering not returning because the ownership situation in Phoenix remains as it has been since the team moved there - bad.

Since Tippett was fired by the Stars and took over for Phoenix in the fall of 2009 he has sought an ownership situation that is stable. The Coyotes are not, but it does not appear that NHL commish Gary Bettman is going to let them move the way he reluctanctly did the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg.

The wildcard is the Coyotes recently re-signed GM, and long time Tippett friend, Dan Maloney. It's doubtful Tippett is going to leave that relationship to work with a new guy in Nill.

According to sources, the Stars want to talk to Tippett to see if he would return to the team he coached from 2002-'03 to 2008-'09. If he comes back, so must the mustache.

If he elects to remain with the Coyotes, which is the safe bet, expect the Stars to pursue recently fired Buffalo Sabres coach Lindy Ruff.

78691091Ruff had been the head coach of the Sabres from 1997-'98 to 2012-'13. His ability to remain employed despite the team's many unstable ownership situations is one of the NHL's most impressive feats of coaching in recent memory.

And what about former New York Rangers coach John Tortorella? Don't rule it out.

All three are solid, veteran NHL coaches. There is no wrong choice among this trio, although Tippett and Ruff aren't going to burn through their roster the way Torts can.

The Stars want Tippett, but this feels like Lindy Ruff will be the hire. 



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