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Eliminate flopping? Godspeed, Mark Cuban

FloppingDALLAS, Texas - Must be great to have Mark Cuban cash.

In front of Mark is a pile of $100,000 that he can:
a.) Burn
b.) Issue a research grant on NBA players flopping.

The obvious choice is B, all the way. This is the definition of money well spent.

Since Cuban bought the Mavs no one in the NBA has leaned on the league for a better product, from the fan experience to the refs to now - no flopping. Refs in the NBA have sucked for years, they still do, because it's an impossible job and the only good ref is the one you don't notice.

It's odd - when the Mavs won the NBA title in 2011, the refs were incredible. Probably just a coincidence.

Now Cuban is working on the widespread epidemic of NBA flopping by granting $100K to SMU to solve this massive crisis.

Only there is no solution, even the best player Cuban agrees this is a fruitless exercise.

"I think we're trying; you're never going to get rid of it but you have to limit it," Dirk Nowitzki told a small group of reporters on Monday at a Dallas YMCA. "I think it's also part of sports. In any sports, it's a part. It's part of winning. Some people are smart; some people do a little extra thing to sell a call. To me, that's part of sports. You don't want to be obvious; the really, really bad ones you'd love to get rid of those.

"But if someone does get shoved or hit a little bit, just to sell it to the referees gives the call, I don't have a problem with that. That's part of the game. But the really obvious when there is nothing happening, and he doesn't get hit and he falls down, we do need to eliminate those."

Even with the NBA issuing stiffer fines against the floppers, nothing has really stopped guys who are getting grazed turning the ensuing reaction into a cannon shot to the face. Because, as Dirk says, it's part of sports.


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