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Former A's pitcher & ESPN analyst thinks Rangers must do this

4fd456280da15.preview-300When Mark Mulder was pitching for the Oakland Athletics and in his prime there were few left handers as smooth, or as much fun, to watch. His career was cut short by a major arm injury and today he is an MLB analyst for ESPN.

We spoke today in a phone interview and I asked him about the Texas Rangers, and specifically their rotation and whether it needs another arm.

Mark Mulder: "It depends. I know they are getting Alexi Ogando back, but what about Colby Lewis? I don't see how the Rangers can't go out and not look at another starting pitcher. I don't know how confident I would be going into a five or a seven-game series and saying, 'We have this and this and this.

"Yu Darvish for sure is a No. 1. Derek Holland has been good at times but there are times when it seems like he just doesn't show up. He goes five innings and gives up five runs and you say, 'What just happened there?' He has too good of stuff to let that happen.

"This is a streaky offense and the only one with shut down stuff is Darvish and Holland. Maybe Ogando. If you are going into a seven-game series you are going to need at least one more arm."

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Bud Holladay

Rangers brass need to ask themselves one question: What separates the young A's pitchers from their Rangers counterparts -physical skills, mindset, training, development, work habits, physique, etc.?
One way to improve is to understand what improved the other guy.
Any thoughts?

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