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Gary Patterson weighs in on the stupidity of offering an 8th grader a scholarship

Jim-Mora-Jr-AP-photoSo we're recruiting 8th graders now to play college football? 
That seems like a good idea.
Because most 8th graders aren't going to change at all by the time he reaches college.
It's only four years.
Four years of growing. Or not growing.
Puberty certainly won't change things.
Or the home.
Or motivation.
Let's just offer college football scholarships based on the athletic ability of the respective parents at conception. 

UCLA put this issue back on the front burner when head football coach Jim Mora jr. offered an 8th grader a football scholarship. Stupid, dumb and dumber and idiotic.

Verbal scholarship offers are not binding, but if the NCAA is going to work so hard at keeping evil third-parties away from the decision-making process why not just eliminate this stupid stunt-trend? 

I asked TCU head coach Gary Patterson about this and whether it think it's a stunt, or a genuine trend.

Gary_PattersonHe said: "I'd have to say it's all about perception is reality. We're trying not to be that at TCU. There are going to be guys that are going to be juniors that we have offered scholarships. You're doing that to keep up with the Joneses. Nobody is happy about it.

"You can't offer (a scholarship by NCAA rules) until August of their senior year in high school on paper. But what you're seeing is guys going by basketball. College basketball offers early. Some of that eighth grade, ninth grade stuff is a stunt."

I asked him if there is a chance to legislate this type of scenario out.

"We’re trying to," he said. "We’re meeting about this and all of these rules as far as recruiting. What we're trying to do is stop the third party like AAU basketball where people are trying to take the information out of the high school coache's hands. That's what we're working on. We’re tyring to keep young people go to the right places."

College football can not turn into the NBA where teams draft more on potential of the 19-year-old rather than the more proven product of the 22-year-old college senior. 

The NCAA can increase its rule book to 5,000 pages and nothing ever can stop a "friend of the program" from talking to an eighth grader or trying to influence them. 

This is an individual decision on the part of the head coach. To offer an eighth grader anything other than a handshake and words of praise, encouragement and inspiration is as stupid as it is dangerous. 


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Hey Gary why don't you worry about finally winning "one" Big 12 home game?

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