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Jason Garrett cleans up Play Calling Gate

Jason-garrettIRVING, Texas - One week after his boss embarrassed him, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett picked up a shovel, a broom and a mop to clean up the mess that made him look like the second coming of Dave Campo.

On the first day of the Cowboys' mini-camp, Coach Process addressed the play calling situation as best he could. He said the decision to have offensive coordinator Bill Callahan call the plays was made back in late January, but team simply fumbled how it was going to be announced.

Garrett called it a miscomunnication. That's a cute way to say, "Thanks, Jerry."

Garrett would say he's on board with this decision, that he wanted to delegate this responsibility but would not say this decision was a directive by owner/GM Jerry Jones. The perception that Jerry made this decision turned Garrett into a national punchline.

Because I am an incredible sports journa-least, I asked Garrett specifically, "Just to be clear - this was a not a case of your boss saying we want you to delegate this responsibility to somebody else?"

Garrett said: "You hear me say this a lot about collective decisions. We make collective decisions. I talk to the executive part of this organization and to the staff and come up with the decisions that we think are best for the Dallas Cowboys."

L5705412That's a non-answer answer.

He may be full of it, and maybe Jerry did tell him to have Callahan call the plays, but I actually believe Garrett. He butchered this story from Day 1, which he took responsibility for, but in terms of the evolution of a coach his thought process makes sense.

He said 28-plus teams have a coordinator call the plays becuase it is a big job. It's too much to do along with being a head coach. He would not say he has veto player over a specific play call, but he does. Ultimately, he is going to have the right of refusal on "Load Left".

"You have to understand the progression of your career; these things happen," Garrett said. "You can't have all the responsibility you always had when you're a coach. Staffs are big, responsibilities are big and it's important to delegate in the right way. We felt it was the right time to do this. We're trying to make a positive change."

Garrett's decision to explain his side of this is a positive for his reputation. He may be full of it, but he did himself a favor by explaining his side of this butchered story.


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