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Jason Garrett has been made into a Muppet

Scooter_photoIRVING, Texas - The coach who was going to be the happy medium between the Jimmy Johnson/Bill Parcells types has now been relegated to Dave Campo/Barry Switzer/Wade Phillips status. It is not Jason Garrett's fault, but this is what happens when you coach the Dallas Cowboys.

This is Jerry's team, not yours.

Garrett wants us to believe the reason he didn't tell the world that he would no longer be calling the plays for the Dallas Cowboys is for the "competitive advantage."

So imagine his surprise on Tuesday afternoon when his boss said, and the offensive coordinator confirmed, that Coach Process is no longer the primary play caller for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry said offensive assistant Bill Callahan will call the plays for the Cowboys in 2013. He said this before JG addressed the media. And Callahan confirmed it before JG was asked about it.

"There is no real advantage for us to reveal who is calling plays in June," Garrett said Tuesday, after he tried not to comment on this non-story story for months. "We have had a plan in place for a long time."

Jason_garrett_smThink February, but Garrett has doggedly tried not to say who would do what in regards to play calling. Maybe because for years play calling was Garrett's baby, and the reason Jerry hired him away from the Miami Dolphins' staff in 2007.

"He's still involved in the game plans," Callahan said. "It's (Garrett's) offensive system and I'm honored to take on the additional responsibilities of calling plays."

Now we know for sure - Jerry took it away, and handed it to Callahan. This is another chapter of the Great Uncomfortable Offseason of 2013.

For the sake of this offense, and the team, it may be better that Garrett is no longer calling plays. He will have more time to worry about the other two phases of the game.

For the sake of the perception of power and his authority, this looks terrible that Jerry made the announcement.

Garrett was the guy who was going to have total scene control, but now he longer does because this is what happens when you coach the Dallas Cowboys.

Garrett was polite, professional and decent in trying to deflect the questions. Whether he really agreed to this decision is debatable, but he certainly didn't like how Jerry just can't help himself around a microphone (God love him).

"What my job is to proceed in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys and that's how I answer every question," he said.

I asked him if he was concerned about the perception of his authority being usurped by his owner.

He said, "No. I don't."

I asked him why not, then he got assertive.

He said, "Because I know what I do each and every day in regards to this football team. I know how he and I work together and how this organization works. And how well we communicate and how we come to decisions. I know what I do in the morning, when I come over here and how I coach this football team."

How his power is perceived among the media, or fans, or observers does not matter. What matters is how Garrett's power is perceived among his players and his assistant coaches.

And now they know - it's not his call. It likely never was because it's Jerry's team. 

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Far too many assumptions on your part.

Just report the news and stop creating it.

You "Journalists" are awful.

Doug Olson

Just when I think journalism is becoming a "civil service job" you hit a giant, towering home run. Well played mister.


Engl is not a sportswriter, he's a gossip columnist. This is the state of print journalism today. Get used to it folks.


Texas needs to get rid of Jerry Jones!!!! Yes he has made the Cowboys more famous, however they are famous only for choking in the Playoffs if they even make it. This team belongs to Jerry Jones, and thats why they are sub par. I have been a cowboy fan since the 70's, but I have yet to buy any merchandise for a team that Jerry Jones owns. I am boycotting the 1.2 billion dollar house that Jerry Owns, until Jerry Jones leaves the Cowboys. If the Texas is serious about the Cowboys, get rid of Jerry and his EGO!!!!! Go away old man! and take your Football Knowledge with you, it does not work here in Texas. Jerry Jones is not bigger than Texas. We should make a special Citizans vote to remove Jerry Jones from the Dallas Cowboys. PS: Jimmy Johnson won the Superbowls in the 90's not Mr. Jerry Jones(go away).

Mr. Floyd

Dear Mr. Floyd,

It is an insult to Muppet fans every where to compare Scooter to Jason Garrett.

Scooter has way more pull than Red ever did.

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