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LOL LOL LOL - Casey Pachall may not play outside of Tarrant County in 2013

12-10-09-Casey_PachallThis is funny - quarterback Casey Pachall is going to need a note from the cops to play the game of football for TCU outside of Tarrant County, Texas in 2013.

Unless Pachall goes off the deepest of deep ends, these necessary notes of permission as a result of his probation agreement should be a done deal. Done deal as in today done deal.

Isn't there a TCU grad in the necessary office to rubber stamp this with purple and white colors?

Every one of these permission slips should come with the note from the probation officer: "No picks inside the red zone, and if it crosses your mind lets keep it clean off the field, too. But priorities - play a clean game and no dumb throws over the middle."

Stupid jokes aside, this obviously is a serious issue but the idea that Pachall will be denied the opportunity to play for TCU outside of Tarrant County as the QB rates somewhere next to the chances of Trevone Boykin winning the starting job in fall practice.

TCU didn't stick its collective neck out for this kid to do anything other than start. And he didn't return to do anything other than start.

By all accounts, Pachall has done everything required per the terms of both his probation and his return to the university. He very much falls into the no news is good news.

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LOL LOL LOL as this guy plays in the NFL next year.


I would say that Mac is cynical, but since he actually touched on 7 or 8 separate topics, and was consistently negative and over the top as to each (cops, alumni, criminal justice system, student athletes, athletic program integrity, competition, improvement, work ethic, redemption), I'd have to say he's merely weak. Nothing creative, nothing insightful, nothing encouraging, nothing motivating. You need to up your game Mac to achieve cynical.


Why do you hate Casey?! We love him! You always say something negative about a local hero. I enjoy reading your work but really wish you would find a new guy to pick on and leave our Casey alone.

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