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Mavericks offseason has no Plan B

Lakers_billboard_stayd12_dwight_howard_062713bEven had the Dallas Mavericks bagged the top lottery pick it would not have mattered - this class has been evaluated as one of the weakest in recent memories. No A-listers here at Pick 1, or 13, where your Mavs are selecting.

The Mavs have cornered their offseason in the pursuit of free agents Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. Paul is not leaving the Los Angeles Clippers. That leaves D12; all he must do is take roughly $30 million less to leave the Los Angeles Lakers. BTW - LA has already begun a We Love Dwight campaign as evidenced by these billboards.

If Howard does not leave the Lakers, there is no Plan B for the Mavs. The players available in the draft or in free agency aren't worth it. The Plan B that exists could look a lot like last summer when the Mavs scrambled and did the best they could by signing a load of players to one-year deals. 

2012-10-25-dwight-howard-3_4_r560The end result wasn't awful, but a roster with so many players on one-year deals or expiring contracts led to a great deal of confusion and frustration; guys ultimately were worried about themselves, and how they were going to position themselves for their next deal.

The Mavs simply do not want to over commit to any one player with a bad contract they can't unload. That means free agent shooting guard O.J. Mayo likely is not going to return because some team will give him more money and more years.

The Mavs are either going big on the right player, or they're not going at all. 

Expect this: The Mavs are not going to land Dwight Howard not for any other reason than they can't offer as much money. 
The Mavs are going to bring in a new cast of veterans to surround Dirk Nowitzki, but ultimately the team they put on the floor this season will look a lot like last season.




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sunny days in big d

I think you are correct on almost all counts. D12 is not coming to Dallas unless it's with the Lakers to punish the Mav's in a regular season game.

And yes, I think you are 100% correct about the Mav's going all in on the RIGHT free agent and not just any free agent. (I totally agree with Cuban on this one)

The only real place where I disagree with you is about the Mav's prospects next season. If we can buy some smart veteran talent we can make a run at things. You are underestimating Coach Rick. Our coach is one of the best in the game. I think with Coach Rick, and some talented vets, we could be a top 5 team in the West.


Good article. But, plan B will be necessity Cuban throwing too much in salary at second and third tier guys and then proclaiming how good Cuban has done.

And Sunny days, as the last finals just proved, again, championships in the NBA are won by teams with stars. Not second and third tier "veteran talent". That will get you the kind of nice regular season results and early playoff departures Cuban's teams were predominantly known for after Nellie left.

trick bag

You are as stupid as you are good looking. Big D is coming to Big D. I have a few very good sources around the league that have confirmed Cuban has Dwight locked up. Trust me; Superman is coming to Dallas. Dirk next to Dwight Howard is happening. This story is going to be huge when it breaks. Tons of back door deals to get this one done.

man of steel

I can think of 30 million reasons Dwight aint coming to Dallas. But if he doesn't resign with the Lakers look for Cuban to put a full court press on.


No Paul or Howard will come to Dallas because our talent is too thin and we're not west or east coast cool. Mavs would be better off to try and trade Dirk to a contender for a couple first round picks in next years draft...which is loaded...and begin rebuilding process instead of hanging on

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