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Second is the reason we love Phil Mickelson

061513-600-phil-mickelsonSomehow PGA golfer Phil Mickelson is a "loser" because he finished second for what feels like the 874th time at the U.S. Open.

The world is loaded with good professional golfers who would kill to suck as much as Phil. Phil Mickelson is about as much of a loser as I done am a greeat, righter.

Watching Phil finish second to Justin Rose despite a near-tourney-tying birdie on 18 on Sunday's finale of the U.S. Open was the perfect ending to a career full of cash, greens in play, green jackets and trophies but somehow is defined by the second and thirds more than his firsts.

This is why the masses adore Phil - we don't perceive him to be threatening, even though odds are high that in his arena and environment he is a daunting figure. No one comes this close as often as Phil without having some serious jack a$$ in him.

To the golf loving public, Phil has created a persona that somehow he is this puppy dog loser with an adoring crew of loving wife and kids. If he won all of those tournaments that he finished second or third, the adoration would be one of fear and respect. When Tiger was Tiger, which he never will be again, people couldn't help but watch despite an aloof, arrogant and brattish persona. Dominance is alluring.

Equally alluring, but not quite as profitable or as marketable, is the awe-shucks, happy-happy, lovable loser persona.

Most golfers never win a tournament let alone multiple, as Phil has. 
Most golfers never see the type of fame, endorsement deals and success as Phil.

Phil is a lot of things, loser is not one of them. 



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