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That just happened - Rangers best team in baseball*

51c7f0c98597a.imageIt was, what?, two weeks ago the Texas Rangers were four games back of the AL West-leading Oakland Athletics and losing seven in a row and falling deeper and deeper into Dante's Baseball Hell.

Now it's June 24 and the Rangers are one-game up over the A's having just completed arguably the single most impressive sweep by a team in baseball this season. The St. Louis Cardinals had not been swept at home this season.

Here is where we insert the obligatory sports cliche - until now.

The Rangers may not have the best record in baseball, but right now in this tiny window of a 162-game season they are the best team in the game. This will, naturally, change tomorrow when they lose to the New York Yankees by 10 runs but for right now, the Rangers are it.

Pitchers such as Matt Harrison and Colby Lewis are looking at a potential return in August as well.

Just accept the fact that this rotation, beyond Yu Darvish, can't be expected for more than six innings a night and that this is going to be a bullpen deal the rest of the way. 

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