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The most awesome Pete Rose autograph you'll ever see

IMG_2136In the process of cleaning out the attic look what I found: 

Baseball's all-time hits leader, Mr. Pete Rose, is known to do just about anything for money. Primarily, he will sign anything in exchange for a handful of cash. 

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Charlie Hustle makes about $1 million per year just signing junk.

He gets anywhere between $75 to $800 a pop, according to the report.

Now, how did I get this Pete Rose autograph of an MGM Grand parlay college football betting card?

In 1996, I was in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and had just lost $50 on the Syracuse/Pitt football game. Someone says, "There goes Pete Rose."

Pete Rose was my favorite athlete as a kid, and the chance to meet my sports hero was too great to ignore. In an deliberate effort at irony, I grabbed an MGM betting sheet and tried to find him.

Sure enough, there was Mr. Rose sitting at a blackjack table. He looked old. And tired. Nothing like the man who played baseball harder than any man ever has.

Nervously, I approached him, introduced myself and he nodded it and signed it. Whatever money I lost the rest of the weekend was no longer an issue - Pete Rose signed an MGM betting card for me. For free.

I eventually had it framed along with this Sports Illustrated issue from July 3, 1989.

Now, if I could just find a place to hang it ....

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The 1st time I saw Pete Rose signing in Vegas on the Strip, I couldn't believe my luck! The 2nd time I marveled at the coincidence! By the 3rd time, I smelled a rat. Apparently, the only thing more profitable than being famous is being infamous.

Doug Olson

Great story.



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