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Time to let Nelson Cruz walk

Nelson-cruzWe knew this day was coming, it is a bit of a surprise, however, that it took until early June.

ESPN's Outside Lines is Reporting that the man who ran the "anti-aging" clinic in South Florida that supplied what apparently are dynamite anti-aging drugs that help players hit home runs in Major League Baseball games is ready to name names.

That includes Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz, as well as number of other big name MLB players, including New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Expect Cruz to be suspended for 50 games, and then expect him to appeal it which will delay when he will have to sit. The best move is to think that Cruz will sit 50 games, and be back some time in early August to resume what should be the final two months of his career with the Texas Rangers.

It's too bad - he was on pace to hit 40 home runs with 114 RBI this season. Sitting 50 games may slow that production down juuuuust a bit.

Cruz is going to be a free agent after the season, he will be 33 in July, and with a handful of prospects ready to take an outfielder spot - Mike Olt, Leonys Martin - the timing seems right to let Boomstick go.

His age, contract ($10 million this season) and the prospects have more to do with his departure than his attachment to PEDs. 

He has been an important part of what has been the most successful stretch in the history of the franchise, and supplied a number of highlights - most notably the walk off grand slam against the Detroit Tigers in the 2011 ALCS.

But when the season ends the timing seems right that he will be going elsewhere.

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Son of Dolemite

"He has been an important part of what has been the most successful stretch in the history of the franchise, and supplied a number of highlights"
-- and he is also the defensively-challenged knucklehead that could have ended the World Series in Game 6 if he could judge fly balls.

Bob in Arlington

If your players, even one, have to cheat to be a "successful" franchise then your club has no credibility in professional sports.

He may be a good teammate, but not if he brings discredit to himself and the clubs season(s.

If you cheat, you should sit.... for a very long time.

During that successful stretch, there have been several missives on the team, even the manager had to admit substance usage and along with their top hitter.

All the while the Clubs management stayed moot and the abusiers stayed put. It was almost like the team tried to display those quilty as victums to the public.

Cleaning up the image of the Club should be the focus... not protecting another bat in the lineup or a season of full seats.

John P.

The headline was right, but the article was all wrong. Nelson Cruz should walk if he's convicted by the arbitrator of cheating by taking PED's. If some other team wants him that's too bad. But I'm a huge Rangers baseball fan and the game is ruined if the players I root for cheat. Win or lose, it doesn't matter. We can build machines to throw 100mph and hit the ball 500 feet, but there's no sport in that and chemically-enhanced humans are no different.

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