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TV review: Whitey Bulger story is good for TV, should be great on the big screen

Alg-whitey-bulger-jpgFans of the movie The Departed are vaguely familiar with the notorious South Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger. That award-winning film was loosely based on his circle of friends, and he was portrayed by Jack Nicholson in a movie where pretty much everyone is shot to death. Or thrown from a roof.

The real Whitey Bulger was caught by the feds a while back. He is 83, and about to stand trial in Boston for a life of crime that would make a Corleone blush.

Famous Bostonian actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are reportedly going to make a movie about his life.

For fans of Bulger's story, or big-time mafia fans, who want to learn more about Bulger and what a double-crossing, murdering scum bag he was tune in to Investigation Discovery at 9 p.m. CT tonight to watch this special based on his life - Whitey Bulger: The Making of a Monster.

The format is somewhat limited, but the documentary does include interviews with handful of the investigators who spent years tracking Whitey as well as the mother of their late baby and some of his associates.

The only thing it misses on in a large way is that Whitey's brother, Billy, was the Massachusets state senate president and there was no tie between any criminal activity. Ever. And just how he remained free and all but seemingly protected by the FBI.

Whitey killed a lot of people, ratted people out to the feds, challenged the Italian mob, and got away with it all for decades. The documentary tries to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time, and does a decent enough job for people who don't want to spend too much time covering this guy's fascinating life.


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