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Uh-oh: Mack Brown is touting GPAs

Mackclaphd_1360938aUniversity of Texas head football coach Mack Brown made a giant mistake on Monday when he met with the media - he touted grade point averages.

"Forty-six of our guys are over a 3.0," Mack said.

Oh, Mack, no one cares how the graduate assistants are handling the player's academic work load. Just beat Oklahoma.

"Twenty students with a GPA of 3.5 or better," he said.

That served the Horns well in that home loss against TCU on Thanksgiving.

The best salesman in the great state a Texas is back selling, and this time the University of Texas amateur football team with the wonderful grade point average is this close to going on a run.

In his last formal meeting with the evil media before the start of summer break, however, Mack violated one of the most time honored and sacred rules of college coaches - unless you are winning big, never tout grade point averages. 

For the individuals who are earning the 3.5 or whatever, that's great. Way to go. 
For the fans and all of the Texas-exes, who cares? How about not getting embarrassed by Bob Stoops again?

Hi-res-6732982_display_imageIn his nearly 50 minute chat with the media, Mack outlined the greatness of his program. He sounds upbeat and positive about the overall strength of the team, the offensive line, recruiting, even the tv channel no one can see - the Longhorn Network.

"I do think we're headed back in the right direction and that we have another run in us," Brown said. "I want (the fans) to hang on. I want them to be positive and continue to love their school and they are going to enjoy the ride."

No college coach does positive any better than Mack, and it truly is an admirable trait right up until the point it sounds delusional.

Mack is dangerously approaching the delusional state of his program, and all of this positive talk can't disguise that truth. The quarterback, David Ash, has not demonstrated he can do it. The offensive line has been bad for years. The use of skill position players leaves much to be desired. The defense is not lacking for athletes as much as it does intimidation.

Mack is not this close to being "retired" as has been speculated; despite the Horns lack of national success in recent seasons the team isn't awful. That is the problem - he has done so much for this program, and the team is still winning, but it's not winning like Texas should.

Mack may be full of it, but he knows a 10-win season is a necessity. He needs to defeat Oklahoma this season, which appears doable. He needs to finish first or second in the Big 12.

If he doesn't, well ... a lot of those kids have GPAs over 3.0.

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