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Video: Galloway & Big Mac pro/con trading Jurickson Profar




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Dan G

Good job, guys! Can't we just get Lee back for cash and a couple of lower prospects, and keep Profar for the Stanton trade?


I love the props. Galloway's pj's are hilarious!

Alex from Fort Worth

I hate to say it, but I agree with The Big Mac. Letting Profar go would be a huge mistake. He isn't the second coming but he is a solid spot. As far as Lee goes, The Big Mac is correct. The Phillies are dying to unload his contract. Promise to eat a huge part of it, throw in some journeymen pro's and GET CLIFF LEE!!!

TCU junior

I love your nick name! "The Big Mac of Love". You're hot. I saw you on TCU campus and I think your new nick name should be "Professor Hotty"!

Hope to see you soon!

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