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We all want to walk in Johnny Football's shoes for a day

I am sure Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel regretted it about .2 seconds after he sent out his now infamous, and deleted, Tweets over the weekend.

No, not this one. 



This one I don't have a problem. He wants to go to the NFL where he'll ride the bench, and he is likely tired of the adoring public making it difficult to fill his car up with gas ... although he should have one of the Texas A&M graduate assistant coaches do that. 

This is the Tweet that should bother everybody:

There is likely not a soul alive who wouldn't love to walk in Johnny Manziel's shoes for one hour, forget one full day. When do you think the last time was he paid for anything? VIP access to everything up to and including a parade of hot coeds lined up at your door because you are Johnny Manziel, Heisman winning quarterback. Forget an hour. Most of us would take 15 minutes.

Johnny-manziel-girlsNow, if you're Johnny Nobody? We all wear those shoes.

Like a lot of celebrities, Manziel has forgotten there was a time in his life when things weren't handed to him and his best friend wasn't a rap star named Wale. Yes, JF must sacrifice the many trappings and ease of anonymity but in return he receives red carpet treatment in a way the rest of us dregs will never enjoy.

Fame can be a mitch, too.

Johnny Football removed both Tweets after he realized neither were particularly smart. You can chalk both up to a frustrated kid being a frustrated kid without the foresight to understand how such statements may appear incredibly misplaced and stupid.

Wanting to leave College Station and be a pro makes sense.
Not understanding how his adoring public wouldn't want to be him for one day is dumb. 

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