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Why Johnny Football should stay in College Station forever

Img22138658It's a Thursday, so this feels to be just about the right time for a new Texas A&M Johnny Manziel story. 

Most recently it was Johnny Football going Johnny Stupid on the Twitter thingy with a handful of regrettable comments that any one of us may be prone to making when we're 20.

Now there is a report that Texas A&M suspended Manziel last summer for his involvement in a fight with a buddy in College Station. It was going to result in a suspension that would have prevented him from playing football, thus potentially killing what was one of the most enjoyable and fun seasons at A&M in forever.

According to the report, he appealed the suspension and the University agreed to reverse the decision and he was on the team and allowed to play. At the time, he was not the starting QB so no one at the school had any idea what they were sitting on.

Manziel has to be getting sick of this microscope. He wants to go out, party, take classes "on line", have some privacy, graduate, and then go to the NFL the second the 2013 season is over.

Weiss7s-1-webAnd he will leave. All of this publicity and press and scrutiny is surely to wear him down and convince him life will be so much easier, and just as fun, once he makes it to the pros.

It will never be as fun. Ask anyone who has graduated an enjoyable college experience and we will agree we took it for granted - being surrounded by so many people our age living in this giant playpen where society accepts your transgressions.

Then you're gone and you are on your own - an adult. The NFL may be filled with dummies, crooks and thugs, and it can be a lot of fun with a great work schedule. But it's also a brutal, cut throat adult world where people will routinely throw anyone under the bus to protect their check.

Perhaps Manziel can play in the NFL, but the safe bet is to assume he can't. Because most guys can't. He will get a look, and he will cash an NFL check, but what he likely has no idea is that this may be the greatest time of his life. There is nothing wrong with that. Most people who play football never enjoy a season as great as Johnny Football's first as a starting quarterback.

He could technically stay in College Station for another three seasons, but he won't. Unless he is injured or has a terrible season he will declare for the NFL draft. As hard as he appears to have gone after it this season, he will likely tire of the scene and want look to New York City and the green room of the NFL draft.

He will be a God in College Station for decades because of 2012, and thus have a safe harbor where he will forever be Johnny Football. Enjoy it and soak as much out of it as you can, kid.

You don't believe me? 
Ask Vince Young.

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trick bag

The kid has mad skillz. He is special. You watch. He will cash a ton of checks in The Show.

Jim Merritt

Mac, the last thing that this JERK has to worry about is future money. He will be signed to a very large contract by some dumb team and will be on that team for a few years before being released and then by supported by his rich father for the rest of his life. Although there is one possible problem and that is if he get hooked up on drugs, booze, girls and ends up in something that daddy's money can't buy him out of. I hope to HE!! that I'm wrong but I've seen these kind of problems in the past.

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