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A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader & ex-TCU Showgirl nails Big Mac Blog challenge

IMG_2255OXNARD, California - Emma Mary is one of three former TCU Showgirls who are now Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. She is also the only one who is currently with the team here in Oxnard, and was nice (naive?) enough to be a guinea pig as I grilled and embarrass her with a series of hard-hitting journalist, journalismy questions.

Emma is in her third season with the squad, and recently engaged to a big time professional person, who is Harvard alum. They both live in Fort Worth.

Emma graduated from TCU in 2011 with a major in sociology and a minor in kinesiology. Her hope is to do the Cowboys cheerleading until she drops, or close to it.

"I wouldn't necessarily say this pays the bills," she said. "But I wouldn't be able to live this beautiful lifestyle if I didn't do this."

Little known fact - DCCers are not allowed to keep any part of their outfit when they retire, except this ... a DCC ring.


Emma is the first person to take The Big Mac Blog Challenge. 

Watch to see how she does ...




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Gwen, Chi O

what is it with you and fat chicks? you've interviewed more 'beefy' chicks than I care to remember.

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