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A fight is coming between this Cowboys rookie & the veterans

IMG_2279OXNARD, California - In the coming weeks the Dallas Cowboys rookies will all likely have their hair cut off, or be the victim of some weird reverse mohawk, by the veterans in a time-honored tradition.

This puts rookie defensive back B.W. Webb in a bad, bad place. He has been growing his hair out for the past five years.

"It's not happening," he told me when confronted with the idea that he may have to shave off his long locks. "Not doing it. I'm not cutting the hair."

Good man. Protect the hair at all costs.

This happens all over the league as guys who have grown out their hair, and protected and nurtured their locks, go to great lengths against having it cut down like some tree in a forrest.

Former New England Patriots rookie Laurence Maroney put up such a fight as a rookie to prevent his hair from being cut he volunteered his eyebrows.

"Nope. Not the eyebrows," Webb said.

The only thing Webb volunteered to be put on the chopping block was his facial hair.

This does not figure to end well.

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I'm sensing a large charitable donation in his future.

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