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Autograph cam: Tony Romo does sign - you just can't read it

IMG_2280OXNARD, California - One of the biggest reasons fans come to any training camp is the chance for the autograph, and there may not be any bigger here in Oxnard than Tony Romo. When he signs, it's a Michael Bay-sized event.

After practice on Tuesday, Romo trotted over to the fence where a throng of eager autograph hounds thrust their precious Cowboys junk at his face with the hopes that he would scribble something on their items. He did. And it's a scribble.

Guys will sign because they feel responsible to do it, but the part they hate is that they just know it's going to wind up on EBay, or something to that effect. Look at this shot of three mini-Cowboys helmets - do you think those are going in one man's home? No. Look for any one of these online shortly. When Romo takes time to sign, it's legible. 

IMG_2283It is why the smart jocks will ask, "Who can I make this out to?" before they sign. If they take the time to do that, they'll get a reputation and people may shy away. Of course, to do that is a hassle so the vast majority of them just do as Romo did - scribble fast, make some people happy.

But as you can tell from this 30 second clip, it's a zoo to scribble a name.





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J. Clark

Romo is fat. Pathetic. And to think the best part of his game is his signature.

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