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Bad news for the Rangers & Nelson Cruz

Nelson_Cruz_02My wishful thinking that Major League Baseball would wait too long to move on the potential suspensions of the South Beach Gang was just that - foolish.

ESPN is reporting that MLB is preparing to move on the suspensions of Texas Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz and the other baseball players who were linked to the anti-aging clinic in South Beach, Fla. back in January.

According to the ESPN report, the suspensions are expected to come as early as next week. Only baseball would do this - its All-Star game is slated for next week and this bomb is going to be announced when players are normally basking in the glow of their awesomeness.

One of the All-Stars? Nelson Cruz, who has hit 22 home runs with 67 RBI this season in what is a contract year.

Just because MLB announces the suspensions for these players means these guys are immediately out for 50 or 100 games. BTW - This will be a 50-gamer for Cruz because he is a first-time offender.

Expect the Player's Union to put up a serious fight, which could drag this out forever. We're talking about as many as 20 players who could be suspended, and figure each one will appeal a ruling. 

Cruz and the Rangers can do one of two things:
a. Take the suspension and simply sit out 50 games with the idea of returning for September.
b. Fight this and try to drag it out in order to delay a suspension until 2014.

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The Noodler

It's not all bad news. Bartolo Colon, Oakland's best pitcher (12-3, 2.69 ERA) is also on the list.

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