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Big Mac book review: Wait on the new Dan Brown book

DbinfernoDon't do this nearly enough because there are rabid dogs that read quicker than I, but if you are a "book" person and don't mind slumbing the racks that the critics loathe you may end up purchasing the latest Dan Brown page turner.

The popular author of "The Da Vinci Code" recently published his latest blank check, "Inferno".

My advice: This is a fun read that you can wait until it arrives in paperback.

The book is 470-pages of breezy, dialogue-y and fast-paced absurdity that provides what you would expect from a Dan Brown book: Minimal character description, plenty of fun random pieces of useless knowledge that you can impress your friends with, and loads of hard-to-fathom scenarios that are always too hard to put down.

But like anything Dan Brown will ever write again, "Inferno" is not "The Da Vinci Code". The latter nailed the religion chord that people soaked up, gleefully confusing fact from fiction. This book covers a serious issue, but it won't stir the world the way Da Vinci did.

This time Brown's favorite character, Harvard professor Dr. Robert Langdon, is thrust into Florence as he is being chased by bad guys who are trying to stop a mad man whose sole purpose in life is to disable mankind before it does itself. Everything in this book anchors around the Dante Alighieri's morbidly and eternally fascinating, "The Divine Comedy".

Expect all of the same Dan Brown stuff: A pretty girl with an odd past is on Langdon's arm running through the crowded streets of Europe; an end-of-the-world deadline; some science; and a real-life issue that does actually confront our world, in this case it is the issue of over-population.

This is a good, typical summer-reading yarn. It's a book that you will blow through, and ultimately remember little other than you read it.

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