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Big Mac burger review: Wimpy's

IMG_2194DALLAS, Texas - All of the makings of a great cheese burger are here. The place only accepts cash. The menu is on a wall and in faded lettering. Patrons can't sit in this place to dine. You order your food from an employee who stands behind a heavily guarded grated window. It's not in what you one might call "the best neighborhood".

Because of these realities my expectations for an eagerly anticipated visit to Wimpy's Hamburgers in Dallas was a soul-crushing disappointment. Soul-crushing is too harsh. Go with life altering. 

The name of the place conjures up an image of a little old guy standing with a giant spoonful of lard and a raw burger patty ready to be tossed on a grill and cooked up to a ball of fat, grease and guilty-pleasure heaven. This is why you order the DIET Coke.

Instead, it mostly tastes like a Whataburger. As a noted fan of Whataburger, this is not a fireable offense. But if I wanted Whataburger I would have gone to Whataburger. 

The patty and fixins and bread are all easily mashed together into a messy decent taste, but the beef is easily overpowered. 

The whole thing with fries costs about $8, which considering the rapidly increasing prices of hamburgers these days is not a bad deal.

When I go to old school burger joints, I don't want a fast food burger. I want a caloric infused pile of guilt with cheese, bacon and lard.

Wimpy's Hamburgers
1802 Singleton Blvd
Dallas, TX 75212
(214) 749-0277 

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