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Challenging a widely accepted myth about fishing

IMG_2303The Frigid Waters of the Pacific Ocean: Don't be fooled - this little guy was all heart. 

He was the Muggsy Bogues of fish. What this still photo fails to portray was the epic, Hemingwayesque, 30-plus second battle. 

Scoreboard: Mac 1, Mother Nature 0.

This Rockfish put up such a fight I had no idea he was on the line.

What I didn't know then was that this fierce catch would be the highlight of my half-day fishing "adventure" between the Channel Islands in Southern California. It will be featured on the new hit TV show, Lamest Catch.

This was such a tragically unsuccessful fishing haul that the captain offered rebates for the guests. Thank God he didn't realize I am a rotten fisherman.

This trip severely tested the widely accepted adage that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work.

The four people who barfed on the way out to the fishing spot may not agree. This was a flat day, with no white caps.
The handful of roughly 20-plus guests who failed to catch a fish (NOT ME!) were not thrilled with their day.

One hour after the first cast, 8-year-old Anthony looked at me and asked, "Do you want me to show you how to catch a fish?"  At that point, yes, please do. Anthony showed me everything that I was doing wrong.

IMG_2306_2Does a bad day of fishing beat a good day of work? Having fished from California to Mexico to the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico and Canada, the answer is ... it depends on how much you hate your job.

A bad day of fishing can really honk, especially if your breakfast re-appears later in the day. Sitting on a boat all day and getting skunked can be as depressing/frustrating as a bad round of golf, or any other activity designated as "fun", or "relaxing".
Wretched weather can also do the trick.
If you are fishing with buddies and are stuck with the one guy everyone secretly despises that can ruin everything.
A idiot/indifferent/drunk guide can ruin a day of fishing. 

There are a small number of scenarios that can ruin a day of fishing, all of which can reportedly be remedied by the intake of cereal malt beverages.

Alas, it can all be made better if one fish decides he is hungry. Thankfully for me, little Muggsy Bogues made my the trip.

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If you don't know who is the one guy in your group everyone secretly despises it's you. I'm talking to you, Mac.


Mac... everybody hates you. Please quit writing. We hate you. Go away.

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