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Cliff Lee in '10; Matt Garza in '13

GarzaThe Google Machine is about ready to break with the news that the Texas Rangers are closing in on a deal to acquire Chicago Cubs right handed starting pitcher Matt Garza for what most assuredly will include a top pitching prospect and Mike Olt.

No mention of Jurickson Profar.

A deal for Garza has all of the makings, potentially, of the Rangers in 2010 when GM Jon Daniels made a massive move to land Cliff Lee from the Seattle Mariners. The only difference is this time the Rangers have actual owners.
Lee was the perfect, and essential, hammer ace that not only put the Rangers into the post season but he alone was the reason they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS. He defeated Tampa twice in that five-game series.

Is Garza a Cliff Lee? No, but he is close which is why you do this deal.

Garza is 29, and since the start of the 2007 season - his second in the majors - he has never posted an ERA over 4.00. He is 63-62 in his career wtih a 3.80 ERA in 178 starts. 

Like Lee in 2010, Garza can be a free agent after the season and the safe bet is to assume he will walk. Big-time free agent starting pitchers don't historically want to call Arlington, Texas home. Something about the heat. 

The Rangers are only two games behind Oakland in the AL West as they start the second half of the MLB season. They have done it on the strength of a monster bullpen that shows no signs of letting up, but GM Jon Daniels can't assume that crew is going to hold up for the next two plus months.

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To state that Garza is "close" to Lee is laughable and clearly displays your lack of understanding of the situation.

Lee was a clear number one starter. At best Garza would be the third best starter behind Darvish and Holland.

It would be a classic over reach if the Rangers dealt Olt plus someone like Luke Jackson or heaven forbid Martin Perez.

If Garza can be obtained for a reasonable price or even a slight over pay, then yes make the deal. He is clearly better than Grimm or Tepesch. But you shouldn't overpay for a pitcher like Garza.

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