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Derek Holland, time to be an ace

Derek Holland - FlusteredThe first person who suggests that Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish was placed on the 15-day disabled list because of his manager ignoring the pitch count thing I'm going to get sports sick all over my nice white suit.

Pitchers pitch, and they get hurt. Welcome to 2013.

Now that Darvish becomes the 334th Rangers pitcher to join the disabled list this season, there is no better time for left hander Derek Holland to become the full-time grown up, butt-kicker he has the potential to be.

His team needs him now the way they did in Game 4 of the 2011 World Series when he shoved it up the St. Louis Cardinals' private area. 

He wants this, and with an All-Star pitcher on the shelf for at least one start now would be a good time for Holland to show he can do this and live up to his potential as big-time starter. 

I have been selling Holland since before the 2011 World Series because of his stuff, and his stress-free delivery. 

This season he is 7-4 with a 3.19 ERA in 118.2 innings. He has allowed 119 hits and 32 walks and eight home runs. 

When he is right - like he was against the New York Yankees in NYC on June 27 when he threw a two-hit shutout - teams can't deal with him. 
When he is wrong - like he was against the Indians on June 11 when he allowed four runs on nine hits in 4.1 innings - he is one of the most maddening pitchers in the game.

If all goes as planned, Yu should only miss one start.

If Holland wants to be feared the way he can be as a pitcher, he needs to make everyone not miss Yu.

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