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How a Maverick helped put Indiana basketball on the map

DALLAS, Texas - Have to slip this one in rather quickly because the chances of Christian Watford actually making the Dallas Mavericks aren't exactly great. 

But Watford is among the many hopefuls playing for the Mavs Summer League team. He is an undrafted rookie out of Indiana University who, as basketball players go, has one moment in his career that most guys who ever shoot a ball will ever enjoy.


Watford's 3-pointer to defeat No. 1 Kentucky on Dec. 10, 2011 marked the unofficial return of Indiana basketball as a national player. The Hoosiers had been bad for years, and this shot was the ideal picture to signal they were no longer irrelevant.

Christian-watford"I can remember everything about it," he said after practice this week. "We just needed a two, but I was there. My man got screened. The feeling is indescribable because of all the things our program had gone through. That's what made it so memorable. It took some time to realize how big that shot was, I guess. People ask me about it all the time. I get asked about it seems like every week."

Chances are good Watford will likely play overseas, and never enjoy a single shot like this one against Kentucky ever again. Good for him. Most people never hit a shot like that in their life.

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a pretty good day

Watford is a good kid. He could have been an NBA lottery pick had he left after his junior season. 'The Shot' put Indiana back on the map and gave Watford a shot at the NBA. I was bummed when he went undrafted. For his sake and all the good he did for IU, I hope he makes a big splash over seas and has a great life. He is a heck of a young man.

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