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Jason Garrett assigns math homework to his players

AX147_6A47_9OXNARD, California - Jason Garrett generated a lot of headlines on Wendesday when he told a small gathering of us media dorks that he asks some of his players, specifically receiver Miles Austin, how to describe the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

It's about angles, and depths, for pass patterns.

"The issue is this: With all the things these guys have now, the idea of Miles, ‘OK, tomorrow morning when we get to the meeting, I want you to tell me who Pythagoras is, what the hypotenuse is, all that kind of stuff,’" Garrett said. "And literally we take a break and he’s like, ‘Hey coach, it’s the …’ It’s not, go to the library, the encyclopedia, it's (he looks at an imaginary phone where people do their research now) so the affect is a little bit lost. We’re getting there."

Austin was a history major at Monmouth. Did he know what his head coach was talking about?

"It's A-squared plus B-squared equals C-squared," Austin said when I asked him if he knew the answer. "That is the theory - it's the longest angle of a triangle."

I pressed - did he look up the answer on his phone?

"I actually did look it up on my phone," he said. "I wasn't a math guy. I was a history guy."

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That's awesome. "That's the theory. It's the longest angle of a triangle." Trying to figure out which angle in a triangle is longest gets pretty messy so that's why it's only a theory.

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