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Manny Ramirez is done

Manny-ramirez-indiansManny Ramirez is one of those sad cases of a brilliant baseball player who was screwed because he has no idea what else to do with his life other than baseball. 

Could you imagine what this man's life would have been like had he not discovered his God-given ability to hit a baseball? 

Today Ramirez agreed to a minor-league deal with the Texas Rangers and he will give it a shot at Triple A Round Rock.

Don't kid yourself - this guy is done. He's 41 and in denial that he can't hit Major League pitching any more. Or we think he's 41. Never can be too sure about the birth certificates involving players from the islands.

That said, I love the deal because it's a no-risk proposition to a guy who when he had a younger man's reflexes could hit any pitcher alive. It's one thing if a hitter can hit bad pitching, it's quite another to find a guy who can hit quality arms. Manny could hit anybody up to and including Mariano Rivera when both were in their prime.

But Manny is 41, and the last time he apeared in the big leagues was 2011 for the Tampa Bay Rays. That lasted for all of five games. He's been popped twice for using PEDs, including 2011.

Giving Manny a shot at Triple A is a no-risk move for the Rangers. Just don't expect there to be much of a reward.

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Agree he is toast...however, who would want that gentleman around any young players....dumb move by JD....think Adrian Gonzalez.......


there are a whole bunch of .200 hitters right now in MLB. I think Manny can do better. Its Manny's history that keeps the average baseball fan from being behind him. Manny is not average, never was. His heart which, many people don't understand is what will prove the average fan wrong. Best hitter on, or off drugs hands down. If Wash can try crack and be given a chance well who are we?


Manny is maybe one of the best hitters ever. Great dude. Fun batter. Interesting personality. He will sell a few extra tickets in the minors, as well as rock a few minor league pitchers, and maybe get another shot in The Show.

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