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Mavs add to their tradition of indifferent centers

Bwb_eu_dalembert0606The Dallas Mavericks have added to their long, proud list of really tall guys who can stand there and be quite tall when they signed veteran Samuel Dalembert to a two-year deal. He will likely be their fifth starting center in the last five seasons. Only one of them was worth a poop - Tyson Chandler. He was decent. Thank God they didn't keep him.

 Dalembert is 32, can kinda defend, and exudes a distinct indifference to play a game that he clearly has minimal interest in beyond cashing a monster check. 

Not unlike Brendan Haywood. Or Erick Dampier. And the most passionately indifferent center to ever play - the inspiring Shawn Bradley.

It really pays to be 7 feet tall.

Dalembert is an upgrade defensively in the middle over Elton Brand (can't move any more), or Chris Kaman (can't guard anyone). Dalembert should be able to maybe, kinda, sorta defend the rim and ... not trip when he runs up the floor.

Don't blame the Mavs, too much. There is no one else.

He's an 11-year NBA product of Seton Hall out of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This guy has made more than $80 million in his career, and at this point he has to feel like he has won the lottery 80 times over. 

Don't expect much, because God knows he doesn't.


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His best days are over and those days weren't that great. He'd have to get excited to be indifferent. He will suck.

bang the drum

You are right. It really does pay to be a 7 foot dude in the NBA. This guy is going to do nothing for us.

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