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Morris Claiborne recalls his famous Wonderlic test

AX068_25CD_9OXNARD, California - Remember what a crisis it was when the Dallas Cowboys selected a football player with a poor test score? What are the odds a football player didn't do well on a test? 

It was a national sports crisis when shortly after he was selected with the sixth overall pick of the '12 draft LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne admitted he blew off the vitally unimportant Wonderlic test. He reportedly scored a four, which is what you call "awful." 

"At some times I do think about it but now I just try to leave the past where it's at," Claiborne told me today.

Good move. Just like then it certainly doesn't matter now. Claiborne can play, and more specifically cover, which is all that matters. No questions on the Wonderlic ask how one properly covers Julio Jones and Roddy White ... although that would make it a far more enjoyable test.

Not long after he was drafted, I asked Claiborne if he thought that test had any correlation to being able to play. He said: "Football is football. Football has always been one of those things that comes pretty easy to me."

After one full season of playing, and starting, the guy looks like he has the tools - and smarts - to be a top cover corner. 

"I needed to be stronger. I needed to be stronger coming out of my breaks, and just improve my overall conditioning and strength," he said. "The adjustment coming from college was the biggest thing and trying to get comfortable. You are dealing with things off the field here."

But no more pesky tests.

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