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My awkward encounter with outgoing Gov Rick Perry

Rick-perry2It is with great sadness ... anger ... frustration ... bewilderment that after approximately 74 years in office, Rick Perry will not seek a 36th term to remain as the governor of the great state a Texas.

The former Texas A&M cheerleader and one time Presidential hopeful has announced this is it. He said he will hang up his cleats when his current term ends in 2015.

This announcement brings to mind my one very special encounter with the Good Gov back in the summer of 2001.
He was visiting the Ballpark in Arlington for an event, which if memory serves had something to do with his alma mater, Texas A&M.

There were four or five of us media dorks talking to him before a Rangers game near the on deck circle; he was commenting on his age, and how he didn't require glasses yet to see things at a distance, specifically the smaller advertisements in the outfield.

"Can you see that sign out there?" I asked Gov Perry as I pointed to one of the strip banner ads in right field.
"Yeah, I can see that one," he said with a smile and a laugh.

It was an ad for Viagra.

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Love your columns and your blog. Read both faithfully. You are usually right on, but you blew this one BIG TIME (and put it in bold print no-less). You've been around Texas long enough and reported on A&M enough that you should know that Gov. Perry is a former YELL-leader, not cheerleader.
Keep up the good work.
HDS A&M Class of '95

Daniel Kirk

His decision to retire is the only good one since he took

Dis Appointed

Can't believe I actually read this article....


The only awkward moment here was when this article was actually published.

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