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Now what, Mark Cuban?

Dwight-howard-netsThe Mavericks insisted they were "right there in the mix" until the last minute not only for Deron Williams but for Chris Paul when he was traded by New Orleans and now Dwight Howard.

Ohhhhhhh for 3. Who else can reject our Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team? 

We always suspected the Mavs' master plan to blow up the 2011 NBA title team in an effort to clear cap space and go for the "big fish" was a crack pipe dream but there was a faint hope that perhaps DWill, CP3 or D12 would come here and prove us wrong. Now we know for sure we were right, and sadly our fearless decision makers were dead wrong.

Dirk Nowitzki's last four good years in the NBA are going to have been wasted by his bosses' over confidence in the value of his franchise, and his own money. They don't want to come here unless they have to.

That leaves the Mavs scrambling to assemble a competitive roster with creative trades, or free agent signings. The addition of free agent point guard Jose Calderon gives them a major upgrade at point guard and will allow coach Rick Carlisle not to worry about the guy who can put his team in the right place, and make the proper entry pass.

But there is still the issue of rim protection (Andrew Bynum?) and now a shooting guard. 

It's hard not to applaud it when people go all-in with massive risks the way the Mavs did when they cleared out their account to take a huge risk to sign D-Will, CP3 or D12.
It is even harder not to totally bag on that thinking when there was never any real chance of landing those guys in the first place.  

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LL Live from Daytona

Mark Cuban the not so loveable loser...he probably couldn't even get $50 on his own the NBA Free Agency Shark Tank Mark's a guppy...

At least Jerry can sign big name Free Agents...

What a JackWagon...

Washington Generals

The last paragraph in your article says it all. We took a big swing, missed, and it sucks.

Its time to blow this team up and trade Dirk. He has to want to leave. This team can still because of Dirk and Coach Rick but its not enough to contend for a title.

Trade Dirk and pray we lose every game next year.

Donnie Nelson Appreciation Post

Gotta wonder how much longer Cuban's ego is going to allow him to keep Little Whistle around. Somebody has to be responsible for this string of management failures, and my guess is that Cuban is going to start looking Donnie's way soon. And he may even be right. Donnie may've been a whiz-kid 15 years ago, but he hasn't done a thing of managerial consequence since the Kidd trade, on which he got played, but which worked out well enough anyway.


It's official! Cuban is unquestionably the worst owner in Dallas pro sports


Big Mac,

You are one of the few, if not the only, people who clearly have stated that big time NBA free agents dont' want to come here, and the main reasons are geography and culture.

I'll take it one step further...the young black athlete, if given a choice, doesn't want to have anything to do with the DFW area. DFW is known as a "white" city that is nice to live and work, but has no cultural or social attractiveness to young black males. It has been that way for a long time. See Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's take on Milwaukee and how it didn't suit his "cultural needs".

What to do? Build from the draft by tanking one-two years, and then draft wisely a la the Spurs. That is the only way for the 2nd tier cities in the NBA. It's about time that the Mavs and their leadership figure that out, and quit pretending like Dallas is some destination city like LA, NYC, Chicago or Miami.

Richard Naylor

It is NOT geography or culture.

You really think Houston's geography or culture was that much better?

Star free agents and their very savvy agents don't TRUST de facto GM Cuban enough at team building to invest years of their prime career into him getting championship level talent. He added zero stars around Dirk after Nellie left (none who weren't past their primes). He and Donnie have been horrible at adding title level talent in the draft.

Cuban needs to upgrade to a GM star free agents will trust if he wants to outrecruit star free agents. Adding a better GM also couldn't hurt the effort to draft a star or two.

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