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Stunning: Former Bell star Marshall Henderson is suspended by Ole Miss

Marshall-Henderson-Ole-Miss-throws-IceWe should, and maybe most did, have seen this coming but former L.D. Bell basketball star and current senior for the Ole Miss Rebels, Marshall Henderson, screwed up again.

So much so that this time it could cost him yet another spot on yet another college basketball team.
Texas Tech.
South Plains College.
Ole Miss.

According to this report on CBSSportsline, Henderson has been suspended by Ole Miss for a violation of team rules. Apparently, he has failed a drug test and according to this report he may be kicked off the team.

Dude, just quit smoking weed for at least a little bit and get it together. You have to think whatever junk he is smoking must be some high grade stuff.

Bet hard Ole Miss is going to do everything it can to keep him around - think drug counseling, which from the sounds of it can't hurt - but Henderson's long-shot prayer of the NBA is dead. He can't play in that league anyway, and with a record as loaded with black marks such as his he is all but bought a ticket to overseas pro ball.

Henderson is as polarizing of a figure as any in recent memory in college basketball, because of his mad game and giant mouth. His middle finger, too, which he would shoot at opposing fans. And that he would brazenly go out and "party" with fans. 

The guy is a good college player, but everywhere he has been it's been trouble. A big mouth. A giant attitude. Weed. The cops. Something. 

He led Ole Miss to the SEC tourney title and an appearance in the NCAA's Round of 32 in the spring. He has one year of eligibility remaining. He averaged more than 20 points per game as a junior at Ole Miss. 

As badly as Ole Miss needs his game, and as much as head coach Andy Kennedy should appreciate what Marshall did for his team thus all but giving him a contract extension, this may finally be it for Marshall.


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rebel yell (at marshall for being an idiot)

As much as it pains me to say it; kick him off the team. Over and out.

And this is coming from a Rebel fan.


does this really come as a surprise to anybody???? the guy is mental



I remember seeing him flip off his dad (his coach) when he was a HS freshman at Bowie HS...yes Bowie TX. His dad rode Marshall's talents to a job at LD Bell but he was at Bowie as an elementary, JH and HS freshman. He was a total punk and his dad NEVER did anything to deal with him. He has been out of control since he was in MS. He needs to be sent packing...if he lands on his feet in Europe, so be it.

nba junior scout

andy kennedy has to live in this guy's head 24/7 on court to get him to behave. you can forget helping this kid off the court. a full time baby sitter probably wouldn't make a difference.

euro-ball here we go!


How can this kid be this stupid. If Ole Miss keeps him he better light it up this year or he might even be damaged goods over seas. What an idiot.

LL Live from Orlando

An espn report also mentions powder...not the Park City, Utah powder...

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