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The case for Andrew Bynum

LarryBynum_display_imageOnce Dwight Howard makes up his mind, which if you ask the good people of Orlando that could take years, the rest of the NBA can continue living and trying to build a roster capable of being relevant.

The Dallas Mavericks are all-in on D12, but free agent center Andrew Bynum has to be a serious No. 2 option even if sometimes he plays like a giant No. 2.

Bynum's resume may be littered with All Star games and NBA championships, but it's also covered in red flags. If Dwight Howard is the NBA's top head case, Bynum has to be a close second. Or 1a.

He missed all of last season with a knee injury after the Los Angeles Lakers traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers. And now there are reports he won't workout for teams that are interested. 

That's not even the reason not to be interested in Bynum.
He's a hot head baby who has no problem letting his emotions get the better of him on the court. Mavericks fans remember Game 4 of the 2011 NBA Western Conference semifinals when an obviously frustrated Bynum closelined a driving J.J. Barea that resulted in an ejection.


This is to say nothing of the constant begging then Lakers coach Phil Jackson had to employ to get Bynum engaged in playing. 
And then there are the injuries, too. Bynum has appeared in 82 games once in his nine-year NBA career; the second-highest figure is 65 games.

All of that baggage and injury stuff aside, the man can play. He is a 7-foot, 285-pound beast with good hands, good feet who is a solid rebounder and defender at the rim.

He can't cover screen and rolls near the top of the key as well as some centers, but around the rim he's a load.

Plus, he is only 25. That may be the biggest reason of all to sign him.

Should D12 pass on the Mavs, expect the team to kick the tires on Bynum and give him a look. He can't be any more of a baby than Dwight.

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Gary Goethe

Well, if you can't get one Lakers reject to come to Dallas, why not a cut-rate version of same? Gotta love it.

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