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The game Jerry Jones elects to re-watch from 2012

IMG_2240OXNARD, California - Amid a nearly 40-minute opening press conference, Jerry Jones covered most every wide-angle issue that faces your Dallas Cowboys professional football team on the football field entering this the 2013 National Football League season.

(Yes - another deliberate attempt to say 'football').

A minor surprising anecdote delivered by Jerry on Saturday afternoon here in sunny Oxnard was this - 

"One of the things we've done is looked at every aspect of these past three years, learn from them; we've looked at how other teams have gotten there and the circumstances. I was just watching the Thanksgiving Day game between us and the Redskins. It does do one thing for me, that is do everything we can do in the offseason with the idea in mind that it's this year."

Say for this Jerry, he picked the one game to make him as uncomfortable as possible.

Of the 16 games the Cowboys played in 2012, the Thanksgiving Day game was the very worst to re-watch as it exposed every major flaw. At a minimum the loss against the Redskins is 1B; the loss against the Chicago Bears on Oct. 1 was pretty bad.

If you don't remember, the Cowboys led 3-0 in the first quarter before all RGIII broke loose. The Redskins scored four second-quarter touchdowns to lead 28-3 at the break. The Cowboys were down 35-13 at the start of the fourth quarter before a flurrly of meaningless points put some lipstick on the final score. 

Jerry picked the right game to serve as motivation.

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from the ranch here in big D

Jerry doesn't get too much right but he sure did pick the game to replay from last season. We totally blew it on turkey day. I hope it hurts. The Cowboy faithful need something to cheer about this year.

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