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The greatest Larry Allen highlight ever

Allen_Larry_Class-250This week retired Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen will most likely deliver the worst, and shortest, speech ever in the history of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was a man of few words, but he was not some giant dummy.

No one lasts 14 years in the NFL and accomplishes as much as Allen by being dumb. He just didn't speak much to the cameras.

On Saturday, he will be enshrined where he belongs next to the greats to ever play the game of football on the football field in a football game in the National Football League.

An offensive lineman doesn't amass many highlights in a career, but Allen has two - his famous bench press of 700 pounds, and this classic of a Monday night game in 1994 during his rookie year. This play demonstrates just how athletic, and freakishly fast, Allen was.



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B Dav

Allen was a stud. I knew from the title of the link to the article that it was going to be that play. The reaction of the MNF crew makes it.

Cody Colston

When I read the article headline, that exact play came to mind. What a superb athlete.

Kelly Dan

I wish he could suit up for Big D today. He was a fantastic athlete. He was the goods.

Robert McElroy

Larry you rock!! From the heart nervous but just so good. Love it

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