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The Mavs are a playoff team

The Dallas Mavericks offseason has quickly developed into what many of us hoped would not happen, but feared was inevitable. Signing a bunch of guys who are just that - guys.

Devin-HarrisDevin Harris, 3 years, $9 million.
He never did develop into the penetrating, dishing point guard - like Tony Parker - the Mavs had hoped when they traded to acquire him after the Wizards selected him with the fifth overall pick in 2004. Since 2010, he's been with three different teams - New Jersey, Utah and Atlanta. 
He's a backup, and slightly better than Darren Collison. 

Wayne Ellington, 2 years, $5 million
Played with Minnesota, Memphis and Cleveland since he entered the league in 2009.
His arrival means the team will package draftee Shane Larkin with forward Shawn Marion somewhere in exchange for a big.
Ellington embodies Just a Guy.

Jose Calderon, 4 years, $29 million
He is the 'crown jewel' of this free agent class, so far, which says a lot. They had to over pay to sign him, but that's free agency.
Calderon is not much of a scorer (10.1 ppg), but he averages 7.2 assists per game and knows what to do with the ball in terms of distribution and protection (1.7 turnovers per game).
He is 31 and he should make Dirk Nowitzki's life considerably easier than last season when no one other than Vince Carter knew how to feed him. 

Whiffing on Chris Paul and Dwight Howard leaves this franchise in a massive jam, but it's still a playoff team for a single reason - Dirk.

With a player like Calderon, and good health, Dirk is good enough to keep the Mavs around the six, seven or eight seed of the Western Conference for this season and likely next.

Is that the best scenario for the Mavs? No, but it's the path they have chosen. They would rather be competitive than tear it down.

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hot in big d

Unfortunately I think you are correct. If we were a serious basketball franchise we would either trade for Kobe or some other huge free agent risk, or just trade Dirk and start over. We have a good owner. We have a good market. We just need another super star or fresh set of guys.

(I take all of this back if we can get Kevin Love)


Stringing out dirk's final years here with Cuban and Donnie still being unable to land a co-star or two that he has needed and deserved for years is mostly criminal.

G. Winn

Cuban rolled the dive two years ago with Chandler and Barrera. It didn't work. He could have played for several potential championships and got others to at least look Dallas way. I'm a Spurs fan. I like the way they play and market themselves. Good luck Dallas!

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