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The NBA free agent we all forgot (hint: he's gay)

New-Jersey-Nets-player-Jason-Collins-via-AFPNBA free agency has begun, and basically it comes down to not two names but one.

Since Chris Paul plans to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, the big mystery is where Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard will land. This is what we know for sure: If he leaves the Lakers, that means he absolutely hates Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni. No one takes $30 million less if he has to.

Every other NBA free agent may be able to help a team or two, but if he's not CP3 or D12, it's just not a big deal. The only other exception is the NBA free agent we were all so fascinated by just a few months ago but now don't even remember that he doesn't have a team.

Jason Collins is a free agent.

This was always going to be the little problem that no one discussed when the veteran center announced in late April that he is gay: He's not on a team because he's not very good.

He's also 34. Collins appeared in 38 games last season between the Celtics and Wizards; it's an NBA fact that if you can't get on the floor for the Washington Wizards you pretty much suck.

Alas, he is a 7-footer and in good shape. He is also gay, which right now will help land him a six-figure job. The Nets are reportedly interested in giving him a gig.

The NBA wants this guy to be on a team, and you just know that some team is going to give him a contract not based on the fact that he can help the team but for the societal impact. 

When Jason Collins signs with a team, it will be a big deal.
After that, he will be an end-of-the-bench player who never sees quality minutes. It will have nothing to do with discrimination against his lifestyle but rather the fact he can't play. 

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hey mac, remember our little chat about keeping the homosexual stuff to your self, and that goes for pedefiles , cross dressers etc." DONT WANT TO READ ABOUT IT"

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