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The Ranger that got away & hopes to return

260px-Blake_Beavan_on_April_15,_2012ARLINGTON, Texas - Hard to feel too much sympathy for Blake Beaven because he is living his dream pitching in the Major Leagues, but even many years after he was traded by the Texas Rangers to the Seattle Mariners it's hard not to feel for him. A little, tiny bit.

Beaven is a Major Leaguer and making six figures, but the kid in Beaven sounds like he still wants to be a Ranger.

Beaven was one of the key components the Rangers traded in the summer of 2010 to the Mariners in exchange for Cliff Lee. Without Cliff Lee, there is no Texas Rangers American League pennant. So, without Blake Beaven, there is no Cliff Lee and hence no pennant.

OK, it's a stretch. 

Beaven grew up in Irving and played high school baseball at Irving High; he was a first round pick of the Rangers in the 2007 draft. It was his dream to pitch for the Rangers; when he was dealt to the Mariners as part of that Lee deal he figured he was a this close to being promoted to the big league team.

"I was in Triple A at the time and I figured I was going to be a September call up," Beaven told me in the visitor's clubhouse at Arlington. "The only benefit to getting traded was getting to the big leagues quicker. ... That's why I took it so hard because I was a 'home guy' and I had been coming up. I was mad. I think anybody would be that grew up wanting to play for Texas. I was almost there, you're a call away.

"And that's the year they went to the World Series."

Beaven and his wife live in the FW/d area in the offseason and he said he plans to retire here and hopefully one day raise a family here. He's a Mariner, but he has hopes of one day ending his career with the team that drafted him.

"Hopefully, eventually, one day down the road near the end of my career maybe I can eventually play here," he said. "I would, personally, I'd still like to put on a Ranger uniform when it's my last time to put on a uniform." 

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