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The search for the perfect bowl of clam chowder

IMG_2245OXNARD, California - If I had to be buried in food, clam chowder would give me the best chance of survival. Maybe Frosted Flakes. Or cheeseburgers. Or french fries. And Cheetos. Hot dogs, too.

When in any coastal city it's paramount to consume as much seafood as possible; it should be just bit more fresh. Should be.

SoCal is loaded with solid seafood establishments that offer the brilliance that is clam chowder, but like sports journalists - God did not create all clam chowder equal.

Take for example the popular spot here in the greater Oxnard area, Andria's. This spot located in a marina is wildly popular locale not only for the Dallas Cowboys and the Jones family, but the locals as well. Not a bad spot, but if clam chowder is going to be classified as "great" it must feature just a little bit of a kick, and actual clams. Or more than three.

IMG_2246If I sound bitter, it's because I am. A bowl of clam chowder (pictured) can't merely be a bunch of cream and the actual bay leaves included. It needs seafood to be called seafood. Too often restaurants are handing out clam chowder without clams.

I left this recent clam chowder experience depressed, dejected and demoralized for I knew if I am to be buried alive in this I would die. Alone.

Yet my spirits were lifted when not too far from Andria's in Oxnard is SeaFresh. THIS is clam chowder. Has some kick, as well as the most vital ingredient - clams.

I left this clam chowder experience excited, refreshed, energized, optimisic, full of hope and a three inches taller.

It reinforced I know to be true - if buried in this clam chowder, I would make it.

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