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The trade Rangers GM Jon Daniels is most proud of

121312-jon-danielsARLINGTON, Texas - Baseball general managers are normally crushed more for their misses rather than hear the praises for their hits.

Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels would not still be around if he didn't have more hits than he does misses, which allows him to talk about the trade of Chris Davis to Baltimore without kicking himself too hard.

Since I did ask him about that trade, I also wanted to make sure to give him the chance to talk about the deals he nailed. I was sure he would say the trade of Mark Teixeira to the Atlanta Braves in the summer of 2007 that netted Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz and Matt Harrison. 

"I think actually it wasn't that but the whole summer of 2010," Daniels told me. "That was the first chance we had to win. We went out and got the right fits for the team that year. (Catcher) Bengi Molina was the perfect fit at the right time. (Utility player) Jeff Francoeur was a good fit for what we needed. 

"That was such a fun summer for me. We were in bankruptcy at the time and we had ownership changes and no expectations but we were still able to get an ace (Cliff Lee). We got (catcher) Matt Treanor in spring training. We got Vlad Guerrero then. We brought Colby Lewis back from Japan. We hit a lot of moves that year. Putting that club together was the thing I was the most proud of."



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GM "Hits and misses"?
The hits were then and fleeting, the misses are now, continuing, and crippling.

I agree with the Vlad, Matt, etc., successes that year. Why then, did the GM proceed to dump it all after the last out?! And has done so after every success since?

Perhaps IF the GM had spent less time trying to castrate Nolan he might have been better able to make baseball decisions. The Rangers are no longer a baseball TEAM. Period! And I warned all of you so over the weeks. So now, I told you so!


It's non team you speak of has one of the top records in all of baseball and has had 60% of the pitching staff on the DL

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